Since 1999, the Department of Operational Work Management and Labor Protection has been operating the research laboratory «Transportation process management», which is currently one of the leading ones at the university. The head of the laboratory is Kozlov V. G., the scientific supervisor is Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor, Vice-rector for Scientific Work Erofeev A. A.

All teachers of the department work in the laboratory as part of research teams, and on a permanent basis – N. S. Bik-Mukhametova O. I. and Stradomsky M. Yu., leading engineer Kilochitskaya M. A. and software engineer Ryabtsev B. B.

The laboratory is actively engaged in solving urgent problems of operational work on the Belarusian railway.

The main scientific topics of the research laboratory, commissioned by the Belarusian Railway, in recent years have been related to the development of the technology of the Transportation Control Center, the technology of the Local Work Control Center, standard technological processes of the sorting, precinct and freight stations, their practical adaptation in the technological processes of the Minsk-Sortirovochny, Kaliy, Osipovichi stations, Orsha, Molodechno, Mogilev and others; creation of information and analytical systems of technical rationing, multifactor analysis, planning of operational work of the railway; development of methodological foundations for the organization of car traffic and train traffic; justification and development of innovative logistics technologies for cargo transportation at the landfill of the road; formation of the regulatory industry base of the Belarusian railway.

Over 20 years of the laboratory's work, more than 200 research and practical works have been carried out, the results of which have been introduced into the activities of enterprises and workplaces of the Belarusian Railway and its structural divisions.


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