On March 2, 1998, a research laboratory «Cargo, commercial work and tariffs» was established in Belarusian Institute of Railway Transport Engineers (now BSUT) as part of Belarusian Research Institute of Railway Transport. Yelovoy I.A. was appointed head of the laboratory.

Since June 1, 1998, this laboratory has been included in the structure of the Center for Complex Transport Problems of the Belarusian State University of Transport.

Currently, the laboratory employs: Head of the laboratory S.A. Petrachkov, senior researcher L.V. Osipenko, researcher E.N. Potylkin, as well as teachers and staff of the department «Cargo and Commercial Work Management».

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The objectives of the laboratory are to conduct scientific, technical and economic research and carry out practical developments on the problems of improving the management of cargo and commercial work, improving tariff policy, determining tariffs for cargo and passenger transportation, developing regulatory and legal documentation, interaction of railway stations with non-public tracks of industrial enterprises, and others.

The results of the research work obtained during the activity of the laboratory are used by the Belarusian Railway, its structural divisions, shippers, consignees and passengers in regulating relations related to the implementation of railway transportation and the provision of cargo forwarding services, as well as industrial enterprises of the Republic of Belarus.

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