Chief of the Department of International Relations

Shebzukhov Yuri

Post: Chief of the Department of International Relations
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The Department of International Relations is a structural subdivision of the research sector of the educational institution "Belarusian State Transport University", which carries out complex work ensuring the effective functioning and development of the University's international activities in the field of education and science.

Goals and objectives

The purpose of the DIR is to improve the coordination of the work of the university's structural subdivisions on the organization of international activities, its scientific, technical and information-methodological support.

The main tasks of the DIR are:

  1. Identification of priority areas for international cooperation;
  2. Attracting foreign citizens to study at the university, receiving and accompanying them when they visit the university for the purpose of training or employment in the university;
  3. Development of international educational programs, strengthening of scientific and cultural ties;
  4. Expansion of international partnerships and the establishment of internal processes ensuring the effective functioning and development of the international activities of the university;
  5. Implementation of normative-methodical, information-analytical, advertising, exhibition and metrological support of scientific research and development;
  6. Expansion of international scientific and technical cooperation with scientific organizations and firms of foreign countries for joint development of scientific and technical products at the level of world achievements;
  7. Development of academic mobility of faculty, staff, students, undergraduates, post-graduate students and doctoral students of the University;
  8. Implementation of comprehensive work to strengthen the reputation of the university in the international academic community.
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