Video Meeting With Chinese Partners

As Yu.I. Kulazhenko, rector of the Belarusian State University of Transport, noted during a video meeting with Chinese partners from Guangdong province on October 12, 2020, despite all the challenges of the time, science and education remain true to their mission, working steadily and developing.

The formation of the BSUT and the Guangzhou Railway Polytechnic joint projects began in 2017 with the conclusion of the Agreement of cooperation between the University of Transport and the Guangdong Union for scientific and technical cooperation with the CIS countries.

In December 2018, a delegation of the Chinese Railway College visited BSUT, during which options for integrating curricula in the specialty "Management of operational work in railway transport" and a scheme for joint training of students in China with the participation of teachers from BSUT were discussed.

The result of the work of the delegation was the signing of a memorandum, according to which, in August 2019, 20 students of the Chinese college were trained at the two-week "Summer School of Russian as a Foreign Language" organized at BSUT.

Achieving the next stage of cooperation required the discussion of a number of organizational issues and development prospects. Today's video-meeting from the Belarusian side was attended by the leadership and administration of the university chaired by the rector Yu.I. Kulazhenko, and from the Chinese - the leadership of the Guangdong Union for Scientific and Technical Cooperation with the CIS countries, represented by General Secretary Guo Fengzhi and the Guangzhou Railway Vocational and Technical College, represented by Vice-Rector Wang Yan.



The agenda of the meeting included coverage of the results achieved at this stage on the joint educational project, discussion of organizational issues for its further implementation, as well as plans and prospects for the creation of a joint test centre and certification of imported equipment as a branch of the BSUT Testing Centre in the PRC.

Ms. Wang Yani in her speech noted that the Guangzhou College, based on the results of 2019, achieved high levels of development in scientific and educational activities, including through cooperation with our university, which allowed them to attract additional funding.

Chinese colleagues carried out a large advertising campaign to popularize the joint educational project, including with a special opening ceremony and publications in the media. The result was the recruitment of 90 citizens of the PRC for training, who, after passing the appropriate interview, will be enrolled in the Belarusian State University of Transport to receive education in the specialty "Organization of transportation and management in railway transport" according to an integrated curriculum. Director of the Institute of Transport Logistics Ms. Zhu Wanping told about this in her report.


From our side, a proposal was put forward to complete the enrolment procedure by December 1, 2020, since this requirement is common for all foreign citizens entering Belarusian universities.

No less promising and requiring the professionalism and diligence of the University of Transport employees and their Chinese colleagues is the project to open a joint Testing and Certification Centre.

Mr. Guo Fengzhi spoke about the work already done by the Chinese side.


He outlined his vision of the structure of the future Centre, potential clients and proposed objects for work.

During the discussion, the parties outlined the approximate dates for the individual stages of the opening of the Centre, which include internal procedures for the approval of the relevant agreement and its signing, execution of other legal documentation, holding the opening ceremony of the joint Testing and Certification Centre, departure of BSUT specialists to China for preparatory work and inspection of sites and foundations for testing equipment, preparation of test standards for the first batch of products.

More than an hour and a half video meeting ended in full confidence on both sides in the successful implementation of the plans and the achievement of the goals, aimed at the mutual development of not only cooperation between partners, but also the international relations of each of the project participants in general.

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