Cooperation with the industrial park is developing

During the plenary session of the IX International scientific and practical conference «TRANSPORT SAFETY ASPECTS» , three agreements were signed, one of which was signed with the China-Belarus CJSC «Industrial Park Development Company».




The first meeting to discuss the prospects of cooperation took place a little more than a month ago, and now as a concrete step to implement the agreements signed a document stipulating the possibility of providing BSUT with space in the territory of the industrial park for research work, the interaction of partners in the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements training of highly qualified personnel, as well as training, retraining and advanced training of engineering, scientific and teaching staff..



This is only a small part of the joint plans of the "Industrial Park Development Company" and BSUT to create conditions for the exchange of ideas, information and technologies, as well as the organization of joint research and development in the framework of mutually priority areas.

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