Lectures of the Xi’an Technological University Professor Zhongsheng Wang at BelSUT

In September 2018, BelSUT and Xi’an Technological University signed a cooperation agreement, under which academic mobility activities are carried out.

In accordance with the Agreement, our university was visited by Professor Zhongsheng Wang, who gave a series of lectures for 2-3 courses students of the electrical engineering department, and also spoke to undergraduates with information about his university and current trends in the development of science in the field of coding and transmission of information.



In his lecture for students of the specialty "Customs", Professor Wang also spoke about the peculiarities of admission to the magistracy at Xi’an Technological University and touched upon the issues of customs regulation of trade in goods through the Internet




All lectures of the Chinese guest were read in English, in which the professor also answered students' questions.



Since not all students of our University study English as a foreign language, the senior teacher of the department “Slavic and Romano-Germanic languages” Olga Filimonchik, who provided invaluable assistance in understanding the material and not only translated the professor’s lectures, but also helped Mr. Vang’s communication with students and university staff.



Presentations of lectures

pdfThe Concept of New Media

pdfCompression and Coding

pdfBeijing, Capital of China

pdfNew Media Base Technology

pdfReliability of Data Transmission

pdfNew Four Great Applications in China

pdfIOT and IPv4、6 and IPv9


Yuri Shebzukhov


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