Publishing activities of the RL

According to the results of research and practical activities, the laboratory staff issued the following practical and educational manuals:

  • "Elements of buildings and structures",
  • "Diagnostics, operation and repair of buildings and structures",
  • "Comprehensive assessment of the condition of long-term operated reinforced concrete structures",
  • "Non-destructive methods for assessing and predicting the technical condition of reinforced concrete structures operated in air environments",
  • "Assessment of physical wear of residential, public and industrial buildings",
  • "Defects and damage to building structures",
  • "Diagnostics of the technical condition of buildings and structures. Methods of inspection of elements and structures",
  • "Technical inspection of construction objects",

and monographs:

  • "Carbonation and assessment of damage to reinforced concrete structures",
  • "Concrete carbonation (assessment and forecasting)",
  • "Computational and experimental model of concrete carbonation",
  • "Innovative processes in science and education" (collective monograph),
  • "Assessment and forecasting of the technical condition of reinforced concrete structures, taking into account the carbonation of concrete."
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