Online lectures about the railways of the PRC for students of the Belarusian State University of Transport

The cooperation between BSUT and the Guangzhou Railway Vocational College has been going on for many years. During this time, the summer school of the Russian language was organized for college students, the agreement on the creation of a joint Belarusian-Chinese test centre was signed, and college teachers were trained in the magistracy of BSUT.

Currently, more than 100 Chinese students study at BSUT as part of a joint project. Modern technologies make it possible to conduct classes remotely at the same time for a large number of students.

Cooperation between our two educational institutions provides for academic exchange, i.e. lecturing for students from both sides. Therefore, on November 11, 2021, the lecture "Overview of the development of high-speed railways and information technology in China" was delivered to the students of the Mechanical and Transportation Management Faculties. In addition, the students were introduced to the online training system "On High Speed Rail in Chinese".




The event of this format is not new either in world practice, or for our university, or for a Chinese college However, today's lecture opens a cycle of classes within the framework of the agreements between the Belarusian University and the Chinese College on academic mobility. Therefore, on both sides, there were leaders and teachers responsible for this direction.





It was especially pleasant to hear at the end of the lecture by the Secretary General of the Guangdong Union for Scientific and Technical Cooperation with the CIS countries, Mr. Guo Fengzhi, who said warm words about the hospitality of Belarus and the decency of Belarusians. Also, Mr. Guo invited teachers and students to Guangzhou to get acquainted with the culture of the city and exchange knowledge with Chinese colleagues.


On behalf of the Belarusian State University of Transport, the vice-rector for scientific work Alexander Alexandrovich Erofeev thanked the Chinese partners.

Thanks to all those who took an active part in the preparation and conduct of the event: the head and teachers of the Department of Operations Management and Labour Protection, the head of the Wagons department, the deans of the Mechanical and Transportation Management Faculties, the staff of the Centre for Information Systems and Technical Support. And also thanks to students for their attention.



To be continued ... The second lecture will take place on November 18, 2021 at the same time, in the same auditorium.

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