Collaboration of BSUT with the Great Stone industrial park

Representatives of the Industrial Park Development Company, CJSC, expressing interest in the research activities of BSUT, visited our university on October 18, 2019.


A delegation of Cao Chen, Investment Director of Science and Technology Innovation Centre, and Krukovskaya Nadezhda, Project Coordinator, held negotiations with BSUT Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs A. Erofeev, Professor of the Department of Materials Science A. Rogachev and the head of the international relations department Yu. Shebzukhov.


The results of the discussion about areas of joint activity open up prospects for cooperation between the University of Transport and the Industrial Park both in the exhibition and presentation sphere, and in the field of creating joint educational and research structures.


For a closer acquaintance with our university, guests were presented with an exposition of the Museum of History of the Belarusian Institute of Railway Engineers. Museum Director Larisa Golovach spoke about the main stages of the formation and development of BIRE-BSUT, as well as about the people who stood at the origins of that science, which today has great potential for practical application.


The general and mutual impression of this meeting gives confidence that BSUT's cooperation with organizations and enterprises of the PRC will expand and grow stronger, especially in cooperation with such a partner as the Industrial Park Development Company.



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