Congratulations to the Chinese partners on the Anniversary.

 As part of a working trip to Guangzhou (CPR), the BSUT delegation took part in events dedicated to the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Guangzhou Railway Polytechnic.


So, on May 25, the First vice-rector of our university, Samodum Yury, made a presentation at the conference on "Development trend of China-Belarus rail transit and exploration of international talent training".


Then, together with the Head of the International Relations Department, Yury Shebzukhov, he attended a round table meeting "Talent training for high-quality development", the main agenda of which was the topic "Based on the integration of industry and education, broaden the channels for students to grow up, and promote the high-quality development of vocational education".

On May 26, Samodum Yury and Shebzukhov Yury met with the leadership of the college - Rector Qiao Ximing and Vice-rector Wang Yani. 


After discussing current issues, the meeting moved from the rector's office to the assembly hall, where a solemn meeting dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the college was held.

The meeting was attended by provincial and municipal leaders, representatives of societies and associations, partner colleges and universities, college veterans and current teachers, graduates and students.


Yury Gennadievich also congratulated all those present on the holiday and presented the Rector of Qiao with a gift from our university and a welcome address on behalf of Rector Yury Ivanovich Kulazhenko.




In turn, we were presented with a commemorative plaque attesting to the inclusion of our university in the list of honorary partners of the College.


After the meeting, the First vice-rector continued to communicate with the college students, who not only asked their questions about Belarus and BSUT, but also took pictures with pleasure and talked about themselves. It should be noted that Chinese students are interested in studying in Belarus and their high opinion of our university.




Следует отметить заинтересованность китайских студентов в обучении в Беларуси и их высокое мнение о нашем университете.

Начальник отдеа международных связей
Юрий Шебзухов


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