A working visit to the Guangzhou Railway Vocational College has begun

A career guidance lecture for students of the Guangzhou Railway Polytechnic, which is a long-time business partner of BSUT, began on May 24, 2024, a working visit by the first Vice-rector of our university, Samodum Yury. and the Head of the International Relations department, Shebzukhov Yury 




During the lecture, college students learned about the Republic of Belarus, the city of Gomel, the University of Transport, as well as about what are the advantages of the opportunity to study within the framework of a joint educational project implemented by BSUT and the College since 2019.




After the lecture, the audience asked many questions about the conditions of admission and the possibility of realizing themselves in addition to studying.

Having received comprehensive answers, as well as having studied the brochures, the guys asked only one question: who should apply for admission to BSUT?

Informal communication continued after the lecture - now the College students introduced the guests to their Alma Mater.



To be continued...


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