Happy holidays, dear women!

Dear women! I sincerely and cordially congratulate you on the first spring holiday – Women's Day!

It is dear to all of us, because it is associated with the eternal renewal of life. Your holiday is spring, dear women, and you are spring. And although this wonderful time of the year is not yet in a hurry to come into its own, its breath is already palpable. It is in your mood, and into ready to continue doing good deeds and to inspire the strong half of humanity with your example.

All the best, dear women, is created by your hands. Thanks to your daily efforts, our homes are warm and cosy, children grow up healthy, and men feel calm and confident. And only you know the price of these efforts, work and patience. There can be no life on this earth without a woman - the embodiment of goodness and wisdom.

The women of our university make a worthy contribution to the prosperity of their native Belarus. Researchers are fruitfully working on solving complex problems, teachers give a lot of spiritual energy to the education and upbringing of future specialists, and our wonderful students delight us with success in their studies, sports, and social life.

I thank everyone for their hard work and good studies!

Dear mothers, wonderful wives, kind sisters, beloved daughters, I express my admiration! Let there be as little anxiety and grief in your life as possible! Let there always be spring in your soul, and let happiness, love and good luck never leave you!

Rector of the University
Doctor of Physics and Mathematics


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