Halloween quiz in English

On October 31, first-year students of the faculties of transportation process management (group UL-11), the faculty of economics and business technologies (groups GB-11, GI-11), as well as the faculty of mechanics (groups ME-11, MES-11, MS-11) took part in a fascinating quiz in English dedicated to the theme of Halloween.


Students got acquainted with the history of origin, traditions and symbols of the holiday, which is popular in many English-speaking countries. The quiz, conducted by the senior lecturer of the Department of Slavic and Romano-Germanic languages Lipskaya M.N., had the form of test tasks. Freshmen with interest scored points in the team standings, answering questions on the topic.



The first place was taken by students of the UL-11 group, Kovaleva Polina and Bogomolov Nikita were especially distinguished. Congratulations to the winners!


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