The Economics and Business Technologies Faculty provides training for specialists who have the skills to organize accounting, analysis, taxation and audit at enterprises of all forms of property using modern computer technology and international standards. They possess knowledge of the legal foundations of entrepreneurship and commercial activity, the theory of monetary and financial relations, management and modern computer technologies, are capable of adapting to production as quickly as possible. Training of specialists at the faculty is carried out with the use of world experience in managing economic processes, active application of progressive methods and forecasting models.

The faculty teaches specialties:

  1. Accounting and audit (qualification – economist);
  2. Borders and customs (qualification - customs specialist).

The acquired theoretical knowledge, skills and abilities allow the graduates of the faculty to work in positions:

  • Chief accountants, their deputies;
  • auditors and auditors;
  • specialists of state control, financial and tax authorities;
  • accounting and finance managers;
  • specialists of state statistics bodies, ministries, departments, research institutions and educational institutions;
  • specialists of logistics centers.

The faculty has a scientific school "Economics and management in the railway transport system", the main areas of scientific research which are:

  • economy and management in the system of railway transport;
  • development of methodological support for accounting of costs;
  • determination of economic efficiency of organizational, technical and technological measures;
  • Calculation of cost indicators.

Contact Information:

tel .: (0232) 30-64-30, (0232) 95-21-71

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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